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Nandrolone phenylpropionate(NPP) is an anabolic steroid. Further, the doctor uses this steroid in breast cancer treatment.

And it gives into your muscles once every week. Moreover, most bodybuilders are using it in their competition. Athletes also use NPP to improve their performance and endurance.

On the other hand, you can see powerlifters also use Nandrolone phenylpropionate(NPP) in their competition. But in many competitions, you can not take it during your performance.

Rather than have a dope test before your competition. If you are positive in this test then you can not take part in the competition.

You can increase your lean muscle and gain muscle mass. When it is combined with other drugs then it is used in heart disease and diabetes.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Benefits

Muscle Gain:

When you take Nandrolone(NPP), it increases your muscle. Because whenever women have breast cancer, then it increases dead cells in their bodies.

But in cancer patients no weight gain or muscle gain. Because the growth of your dead cell is greater than the growth of new cells.

Further, if you are using Nandrolone(NPP) in bodybuilding then you can easily increase your muscle mass.

Breast Cancer:

Nandrolone(NPP) is used for cancer patients. It is used worldwide. And it comes in injection form.

Moreover, it gives in to your muscles once a week. If you are doing overdosage then you may face many diseases.


It is legal in many sports. The main purpose of Nandrolone(NPP) is to improve your performance. You can take this before your competition.

And if you are taking it three to seven before your competition, then you may clear your dope test. Because it’s half is three to seven days.

So you can take it ten days before your dope test. But if you are taking a high amount then its life increases.

Improve Strength:

Nandrolone(NPP) increases your strength. When you have gained weight then you have many new muscles in your body.

Further, it increases your testosterone level. If you have a high testosterone level then you can build more muscle. And automatically your strength improved.

Moreover, if you have a strong diet with it then you can achieve your fitness goal in a short time. Another benefit is it reduces your joint pain. If you have any joint pain like lower back pain, knee pain, etc. But it does not eliminate your pain. You are feeling low pain after using Nandrolone(NPP).

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Side Effects

Voice Effect:

When it is given to a woman, then they must feel that their voice is changed because it increases the amount of testosterone in their body.

But it is not a female hormone. Further, it is the male hormone that is responsible for your muscle growth.

Hair Growth:

It also occurs in females. Because men have already hair on their bodies. And it increases facial hair. Moreover, it increases the growth of body hair. If you want to get rid of your body hair then you can stop taking this.

After some time when the amount of Nandrolone (NPP) decreases then you can slow the growth of your body hair. But if you want to get rid of permanent then it can take a long time.


When your body increases your inner heat then you have a lot of acne. This side effect can be seen in both females and males. But you can treat this when you are on a cycle.

Further, you take things that reduce your inner heat. Moreover, you do not have to worry about this. When you stop taking this then you can get rid of acne.

When you have post-cycle therapy, you flush all NPP from your body; then acne may not come.

Sex Life:

It also affects your sex life. When females have high testosterone levels, their thoughts may change because it decreases the level of estrogen in females. The male does not affect this because it is their male hormone.

But females see their mood swings many times in a day. They feel irritated all the time. But it is not a long-term side effect. And some side effects are seen in the long term like heavy voice, body hair, etc.


This drug is not common. You can use this to gain and cut. Further, you can take 200-400mg per week. If you are advanced, then you can take 400-800mg per week.

At this level, you must take testosterone. So, when you are on a low cycle, then you do not need any testosterone.

Proper Diet

If you are thinking that it increases your muscle mass without your diet then you are wrong. But when you are on a low-quality diet, your muscles are also low-quality. You need to increase your protein intake daily.

Further, it depends on your fitness goal. When you are on the cutting cycle, you cut down your carb intake.

When you are on a gaining cycle then you must take high carbs. It does not mean that you can eat all sources of carbs. But you need to take complex carbs in your diet.

Because they do not gain unhealthy muscle mass in your body, and they take time to digest.

On the contrary, when you are eating bad refined carbs, they quickly increase your blood sugar. And you are gaining weight rapidly.

On the other hand, you must take 8 hours of sleep daily. I see many people who work hard. Then they go to a party. If you do not get enough sleep, then your muscles will not be relaxed.

On the next day, you feel muscle soreness. It means your muscle is not recovered. Further, your goal of muscle building does not come true. And maybe it takes a long time. So, do not depend on steroids.

Moreover, you need to focus on small mistakes. You need to improve your diet. Then, you can change your results.

So I suggest that when you are taking this, you consult.

Who Can Take This:

Both females and males can take this. But if you are underage, then you can not take this drug. When you are in puberty, you do not need any supplements and steroids if your diet is proper.

If you have no muscle mass, then you should not take this drug. Further, you can increase your muscle mass with your diet. On the other hand, if you already have high testosterone, then you must avoid this drug.

Because it also increases the testosterone level in the body. If so, you are taking it. You have a lot of diseases like heart disease and liver problems.