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The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet. Further, when you cut carbs from your diet then your body is in a metabolic state.

Moreover, it is very helpful to reduce your body weight. In the starting, you face more health issues because you cut almost all carbs from your diet.

And the biggest benefit is shredding your body fat. It increases your HDL cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, you feel hungry all the time. So you are fatigued fast. You do not have enough energy for the workout.

That’s why you are taking high fat. This fat is not unhealthy fat. But it is a good fat that comes from veggies and fruits, nuts, etc. Then, your body provides energy from this fat. If you are not taking enough fat then you lose your fat as well as your muscle also.

Further, you can not take a ketogenic diet for a long time. If you are doing this, then you hurt your body very badly.

You can make a ketogenic diet at home. But make sure you do not all the time. When you are hungry then you can eat.

In this, you can take good fat and low carb. And you do not overeat fat. Some people start taking fat all the time. You can take fat but according to your needs.

Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Shred Fat:

It reduces your body fat very fast. When you cut your carbs then your body requires energy. So your body uses all body fats that are stored in your organs.

Firstly, you have reduced fat from your internal organs. In some people, the liver stores fat. That is the reason why when people take a low-carb diet, they do not lose fat. They think it is not working. But actually, they lose fat from their organs.

Increase HDL:

It means high-density lipoprotein. This is the form of good cholesterol in our body. When you are taking high fat and low carb then you can increase the amount of this level of cholesterol.

It keeps your heart healthy. You have a low risk of stroke and a heart attack.

Low Blood Sugar:

Our bodies break food into small pieces. And the body converts it into glucose. And use it for energy.

But when you have high glucose, your body stores it for after use. But high blood sugar risk for diabetes.

So your body does not have enough carbs. Then your body finds another source of energy, that is, fat and your body fat.

Improved LDL:

This is a bad cholesterol level in your body. It stands for low-density lipoprotein. When it is high in your body then you have heart disease.

And you have a high cholesterol level in your body. Then it blocks your arteries. But When you start a ketogenic diet then you increase your HDL and it reduces your LDL in your body. And your body has a low level of LDL.

So it reduces your risk of a heart attack and many other heart problems.

What Are The Side Effects

Hungry All The Time:

It is a common side effect of a ketogenic diet. If you are taking low carbs, then you feel hungry all the time. But here you can eat when you are hungry.

Further, the condition is that you should not take carbs when you are hungry. You can replace it with fruits and healthy fat. Moreover, you can take protein with it.

If you are going to the office and working, then it will be very hard for you. But many people can do this.

Another method to control your hunger. You can drink water when you feel hungry. The first week of your ketogenic diet is very hard for you.

Because we are taking carbs from our childhood, if you can control your hunger, then you can achieve your fitness goal within a short time.


When you are on low carb, then you may have abdominal cramps. Do not worry. These cramps are not dangerous for you.

But you can reduce your cramps by taking fiber in your diet. When you are dehydrated, then you may have cramps. And sometimes, when you overuse your muscles, you can face this problem.


This is an issue facing many people. They are tired very fast. Every time they feel muscle fatigue. They do not work for a long time.

Their mind also disturbs them. And after a long time on a ketogenic diet, you feel irritated and stressed. You think you have no fun in your life. So, do not take a ketogenic diet for a long time.

Low Energy:

Your body mainly uses energy from your fat and some carbs. Then your body uses your fat compared to your previous version. You do not perform better. And you can not lift heavy weights.

Who Can Try This

Everyone sees the benefits of a ketogenic diet. But you must see the other side of this. When you are pregnant then you need more nutrition as compared to other women. And you do not follow a ketogenic diet during your pregnancy.

Further, breastfeeding women also do not follow this diet. Moreover, if you have heart disease, then you can not follow a ketogenic diet because it is a medical condition. You can not cure at home, and it also depends on your disease.

Moreover, it has the benefit of decreasing the LDL in your body. But you may have other heart diseases then your problem is out of control.

On the other hand, if you are under puberty, then you do not start a ketogenic diet. This is because your body grows very fast during this time if you do not give carbs, fat, protein, etc.

Then, your growth is also affected. At this time, you do not need to shred your body fat. But after puberty, you can start a ketogenic diet. And you must consult with your doctor and trainer.

You Can Add These Foods:

There are many foods that you can add to your ketogenic diet.








Above all this food, you can add. And the most important is water. If you are not drinking a lot of water then you can not burn your fat.

Further, you do not have enough energy. And you will be thirsty. So add at least four-liter water in a day. Then, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the ketogenic diet. So these are the pros and cons of this diet. I am sure you understand all about the ketogenic diet.